Alan Wallwork (1931 - 2019)

"A vivid and highly engaging character, Alan epitomised the often quietly subversive spirit of British studio pottery. He was a prolific and hardworking artist, an enabler who contributed much to ceramics’ sense of community and professionalism, but he also lived life to his own rules, away from the mainstream..... Alan was one of Britain’s most distinctive potters, known for sculptural work that was important in the story of studio ceramics, but who should also be judged in the context of the broader artistic developments in the country in the 1950s and 60s."

Alan Wallwork obituary the Guardian

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Alan Wallwork Encrusted Form

A cracking example of Alan's ability to control texture and finishes. It's the contrast between the various textures that gives this life and the form that makes you wonder what the hell it is, what it's made from and then the need to touch it and pick it up.

Probably Abbotsford studio (1984 to 1989) period.

Yes that is original dust. I did not clean this one. Perhaps one rainy day.

Signed AW

Height 140mm

Alan Wallwork Lampbase

Greenwich studio (1960 to 1965) Lampbase -

Alan Wallwork Ashtray

I could think up an interesting name for this form but it won't change the fact that it's a stoneware ashtray. As a decorative item by Alan it's still a collectable item.



Alan Wallwork Fluted Bowl

Compairing this piece to the galleries on Joe's website I would assume that that is from Marnhull studio (1965 to 1984).




Alan Wallwork Cylinder Vase

A striking ochre coloured cylinder vase with contrasting grey interior. Incised decoration Greenwich studio (1960 to 1965). Surprisingly heavy. Joe asked Alan bout this one for me and confirmed that Alan did at times post mark items to confirm their authenticity.

245mm (9 1/2 inches) high, Stoneware.

Alan Wallwork Tiles 2


Alan Wallwork Tiles 2


Alan Wallwork Tiles 3


Alan Wallwork Tiles 4


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