Reading Museum – Aldermaston Pottery Alan Caiger-Smith

Reading Museum had a permanent display of Alan Caiger-Smith’s Aldermaston Pottery. It is worth a visit but only if you are in the area (don’t make a big detour). The collection comes from several sources.

“From the 1960s Reading Museum collected Aldermaston pottery, and in 1999 it was given an extraordinary lustreware collection by David Castillejo, a major patron of Caiger-Smith. The potter subsequently gave the Museum a range of non-lustre pots from his own collection and the Reading Foundation for Art and the Friends of Reading Museums acquired further complementary pieces. These contemporary pots complement the Museum’s other ceramic collections, such as the important early tin-glaze earthenware in the Blatch and Tufnell Collections which inspired Alan Caiger-Smith as a boy.”


Look for the arched entrance off the plaza marker “The Town Hall”. Turn left at reception and look for the Atrium gallery on the 2nd floor, take the lift. I’m 99% certain that you can have the small room to yourself as it’s usually very quiet. There is more information on the link below. There are plenty of other exhibitions to look at detailing Reading’s history.

Entry is free.


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