V&A 2012

Another visit to the 6th floor of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Visit on 12th June 2012.
“This is the largest and most comprehensive ceramics and glass collection in the world, with over 80,000 objects from around the world. Every populated continent is represented.
This time I thought it would be fun to include many more pictures of my visit in the hope of conveying just how staggering this collection is. I checked on Wiki, the collection of ceramics at the V&A is not just one of the greatest collections of ceramics in the world, it is THE GREATEST COLLECTION. It is composed of over 80,000 items. That’s amazing!. It’s mostly from donations, and although the C20th collection does not rival the porcelain collection it is still impressive. Only a small amount of the collection is ‘on show’. See this link for more information.


I was going to list my top ten favorite items in the collection on the 6th floor, but after reviewing the photographs I decided to include all the items that I liked.. I have added the V&A description rather crudely. If you like these pictures then try to make a visit to the V&A – The galleries are always deserted when I go, they are seriously under used IMO. This is just a small fraction of what is there to see in the whole Museum. Admission to the V&A is free. Some exhibitions and events carry a separate charge.

But…. please leave a £3 donation on visiting (recommended)



V&A Link, V&A Ceramics Link, V&A Maps of Galleries



Famous C19th grotesque by the Martin brothers. Usually called tobacco jars, these beasties were a fabulous addition to any Victorian gentlemen’s mantle piece. I’m sure they scared many a small child!


Renaissance Dish. circa 1510. This is a fine example of the major advantage of ceramics. If they are looked after well then they remain in the same state they came out of the kiln. This plate is 500 years old and the colours have not faded or dulled in all those years. Any painting, tapestry, furniture would have been ravaged by time. Paintings and fabrics fade badly and timber bleaches when exposed to daylight. This Maiolica platter could have been made yesterday.


Recovered ceramics from the seabed. Very interesting. Vast amounts of ceramics can be found on the seabed (see my review section for the  drama of the Hoi An Hoard Book).


Margaret Hine. Beautiful pair of doves. Great colour and markings to the body.

_img_6521a _Img_6523

Richard Parkinson. The V&A can’t display everything, space is limited, but I can’t help but feel that this tall Parkinson Golfer would look so much better on display with other Parkinson pieces. He’s a bit lonely.


Kenneth Clark Pottery


Chelsea Pottery – One small JM dish is all they get.

_img_6530 _Img_6531

Marianne de Trey. It’s very lucky this beautiful dish is behind glass!


Lucie Rie. That vertical decoration is just mesmerizing. So subtle and fine.

_Img_6540 _Img_6541 _Img_6544

Emmanuel Cooper. One of my favorate pieces. Remids me of the dazzel paint they used on ships in WWII. Such a strong pattern with subtle fading and texture.

_Img_6545 _Img_6547

Michael Casson. Anemic pallid blue-green dish, but incised decoration is refined and suggestive.

_Img_6549 _Img_6551

Michael Cardew. Cider jars we all the fashion in 1945, oddly you don’t see them so often now, perhaps they will make a come back along with salt pigs?


Henry Hammond. I adore this decoration, it’s whimiscal and brief.

_Img_6558 _Img_6560

Michael Cardew. Graceful in-slip inscribed decoration from Cardew. Not an easy skill, beautiful lines.

_Img_6561 _img_6565

Bernard Leach. Cute little teacup, very crude and crazy.

_Img_6570 _img_6572

Tomimoto Kenkichi.

_img_6573 _img_6574 _img_6575 _img_6577 _img_6590 _img_6591 _img_6594 _img_6595 _img_6596 _img_6597 _img_6598 _Img_6600

Img_6633 Img_6632 Img_6628 Img_6627

Stig Lindberg

_img_6606 _img_6607 _img_6610 _img_6611 _img_6612 _img_6613 _img_6614 _img_6618 _img_6619 _img_6621 _img_6625 _img_6626 _Img_6634 _Img_6635 _Img_6636 _img_6643 _img_6644 _img_6645 _img_6646 _img_6648 _img_6651 _img_6652 _img_6653 _img_6654 _img_6655 _img_6656 _img_6657 _img_6659 _img_6660 _img_6661 _img_6662 _img_6663 _img_6664 _img_6665 _img_6666 _img_6675 _img_6676 _img_6677 _img_6679 _img_6683 _img_6686 _img_6690 _img_6691 _img_6692 _img_6693 _img_6694 _img_6695 _img_6703 _img_6706 _img_6707 _img_6708 _img_6709 _img_6710 _img_6711 _img_6715 _img_6716 _Img_6717 _img_6719 _Img_6722 _img_6723 _img_6724 _Img_6725 _img_6726 _img_6727 _img_6728 _img_6729 _img_6730 _img_6731 _img_6733 _img_6734