July 2013 – Update


244 Squares – @BRIGLIN_COM is now working on Twitter and the account is linked to Faaaa-ceeeybooky. I’ll post written updates here possibly until I get the Briglin Forum up and running. The Forum needs a lot of work. It does not work smoothly yet and they are problems I need to solve before I  set the Monster loose upon the world l, just like Victor Frankenstein!

However, there is a lot going on. Marting sent me some nice images of some tiles, I have many items to add and some which are unboxed. I was considering doing some comparison vids for YouTube which might be fun. It will never reach mass appeal but Potters like Simon Leach have built up an interesting library of on-line video articles, it’s certainly the future as it’s so easy to watch a 10 minute video whilst waiting at a bus stop rather than read a book.


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