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Briglin Saleroom – Briglin Pottery For Sale

Some items are now available for sale in the all new Saleroom. This includes a large amount of briglin Pottery animals including Rabbits, owls, Dougal Moneyboxes as well as some rare Penguins and delightful Cats. If you re fed up with what is available on Ebay then this is an ideal occasion to grab some first class vintage Briglin Pottery. Saleroom Link Saleroom Introduction

180 ‘square’ Limit on Frontpage

I have limited the icons on the front page to 180. Although there are closer to 350 ‘squares’ in total it is causing the page to load slowly.  This applies to both registered and non-registered users alike. By using the Gallery filters on the top menu bar it is still possible to access all the 350 icons. The intention is to continue growing the site and there may soon be 500 icons! So this had to happen.  

March 2014 – Registration process explained

I thought I would put in writing how the registration works as this may help some users. 1) Go to the main site and move the mouse over Resource on the top line of headings, a pull-down will appear. 2) Click on Register – near the bottom – this will take you to the registration page. Enter your User Name (Remember this) Enter your Email (Remember this) Enter code – security measure. 5) That’s it. An email will be sent […]

March 2014 – Registration email – check your spam folder!

Hi everyone, the Forum Registration now works, however some subscribers have their registration email which contains their password filtered into their spam folder – So please check you spam email folder for the wordpress email.    

February 2014 – Problem with Registration emails

Sorry everyone I have suspended registration as there is a technical problem with the emails for passwords not being sent to the new users. I’m working on this and hopefully it will be back up soon. Update – 23/02/2014 – Emails with passwords were being blocked but this should now be working. New registration is now active here. If the problem persists then please emails me at Many password email have been filtered – so please check your SPAM […]

January 2014 – 300 ‘Squares’ milestone

Well that’s over three hundred squares, it’s been hard work. Three tasks for this year; 1) Try to get some videos up and running. 2) The Briglin Timeline – A study of the marks and dates. 3) Tidy up the forum and try to invite some friends.    

December 2013 – News

Hi All, we are at 272 ‘squares’ – I did not intend to continue this blog as new items go on FACEBOOK and TWITTER before they come here.  I thought it was worth mentioning what is on the horizon. I have about x20 items to as to the square library including some interesting new marks. I also intend to upload to Youtube a series of short videos. I’ve tested the format and not found it easy to keep the […]

July 2013 – The End

No point in keeping this Blog going when TWITTER and FACEBOOKY work a lot better – i post all new stuff there months before it comes on this website, so it you want the latest news and extra posts then follow me on twitter or faceeeybooky. BR Alex. @ Facebook @ Twitter @BRIGLIN_COM  

July 2013 – Update

  244 Squares – @BRIGLIN_COM is now working on Twitter and the account is linked to Faaaa-ceeeybooky. I’ll post written updates here possibly until I get the Briglin Forum up and running. The Forum needs a lot of work. It does not work smoothly yet and they are problems I need to solve before I  set the Monster loose upon the world l, just like Victor Frankenstein! However, there is a lot going on. Marting sent me some nice images of […]

June 2013 – Standard Ranges added

Yay!!! Standard ranges added back into the articles. Icon added to the frontpage and new information added to the article. STANDARD RANGES

May 2013 – Currently…..

x234 ‘squares’ on the front page and x38 page articles…. nearly there!

May 2013 – 90%

Good, now approximately 90% there on the items are added. Still a few to add. Next step is to add the two articles: Briglin Standard Ranges (named ranges) Briglin Marks Timeline (a study of the marks)  

April 2013 – 60%

Good progress being made. Many images added and I estimate 60% finished now. Lovely RYE Pottery added. I intend posting some items on the Facebook page that are not on the website to encourage followers. I’ve posted the Eames and the kitchen image there only.

April 2013 – 33%

OK , many late nights – about 1/3 of the items added –  approx 150 posts to go and a few articles to move over. Then I have the forum to get going… fun fun, but at least I’m happy with the icons for the main page. Must stop buying ceramics as can’t add them fast enough!

Twitter ye not….

Sorry no Twitter link yet. It will be one of the last things I get working. It will happen one day…


Boring… looking at the posts I need to make them more interesting. So expect an image upgrade to each ASAP. I have so much to do… 1000 images to add…. more than there are pebbles on a beech….feels like it.

New Items x 40?

Hi everyone,  I have about x40 new items to add to the site as well as all the old ones. I have a list of things to do as long as your arm and the current plan is to finish all the updates over Easter. This was meant to be Christmas but the cheer and the mince pies got the better of me. I have some lovely vases to add, you’ll love them…. trust me there are some photos on FB.    

March 2013 – In The Beginning…. let there be

Portfolio The new front page misses out on the usual prosaic logos and fancy banners. It just displays the content of this site….. Briglin Pottery and lots of it. The content is what you are here for so why not show it off. Each icon relates to a item and you can click on it then click through that items images. >>>>Please note you can quickly flick through item page images by clicking on the photo itself, you do not […]