March 2013 – In The Beginning…. let there be

The new front page misses out on the usual prosaic logos and fancy banners. It just displays the content of this site….. Briglin Pottery and lots of it. The content is what you are here for so why not show it off. Each icon relates to a item and you can click on it then click through that items images. >>>>Please note you can quickly flick through item page images by clicking on the photo itself, you do not need to click on the little numbers.<<<<<


The new front-page is listed by date with the earliest post being top left and oldest bottom right (although it will not display all items). I intend that not just items will have posts, articles will also have posts and you should see links to Facebook and twitter etc. This will remove the need for an update/revision history for the site as new items will appear on the top of the front-page.


The blog is where I post news and announcements for the site such as this post. This may also duplicate on the forum, twitter, facebook etc. Well will see how it goes. Why so many ways? Well some people prefer notification vis Facebook and some twitter., everyone is different, some prefer no notification, the choice is yours.


Yes I’m there as we have a few followers and you will see announcements there also. I won’t ignore you if you follow there and I may post things there first or only post some articles there in an attempt to get more followers.


Not running yet. Did you know the original twitter logo only cost a few dollars! Look it up.. You will probably get a lot more ‘me’ if you link to the twitter account as well as the Briglin.updates.


Not running yet. the plan was to get people to post their questions here rather than email me. We should quickly build up a helpful database. We can have sections of the related potters etc marks, etc etc etc. Anyone can join, even Roel!


I need to thank (Not…CccaaaChhhinggg..$$ they carge) – need advertising as a very helpful free community with some awesome free (mostly) if you have the time and energy to understand it!

Another BIG thanks to for supplying the Portfolium Theme I’ve used as a basis for this site. TYVM… he has some really good other graphic themes all based on WordPress.


If you have any comments then I’m all ears, good, bad or ugly!

Enough for now….BR…Alex



One thought on March 2013 – In The Beginning…. let there be

  1. Hi, I have a piece of Briglin Ware, but cannot see it on your site. It is approx 115mm tall, 75mm top and bottom, but fluted at the centre.It is brown with a leaf design cut into has Briglin stamped to the edge at the bottom, squarish lettering. Any idea how old it is.?

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