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July 2013 – Update

  244 Squares – @BRIGLIN_COM is now working on Twitter and the account is linked to Faaaa-ceeeybooky. I’ll post written updates here possibly until I get the Briglin Forum up and running. The Forum needs a lot of work. It does not work smoothly yet and they are problems I need to solve before I  set the Monster loose upon the world l, just like Victor Frankenstein! However, there is a lot going on. Marting sent me some nice images of […]

June 2013 – Standard Ranges added

Yay!!! Standard ranges added back into the articles. Icon added to the frontpage and new information added to the article. STANDARD RANGES

May 2013 – Currently…..

x234 ‘squares’ on the front page and x38 page articles…. nearly there!

May 2013 – 90%

Good, now approximately 90% there on the items are added. Still a few to add. Next step is to add the two articles: Briglin Standard Ranges (named ranges) Briglin Marks Timeline (a study of the marks)  

April 2013 – 60%

Good progress being made. Many images added and I estimate 60% finished now. Lovely RYE Pottery added. I intend posting some items on the Facebook page that are not on the website to encourage followers. I’ve posted the Eames and the kitchen image there only.